Whats Happening in Maine?

As of right now what we do know is that police, local and federal, are conducting what is said to be “Court authorized” activity at two Farmington and/or Wilton facilities along with activity in Livermore. The raids are said to have begun around 6:30 am this (Tuesday, July, 21st) morning in coordination with the FBI and DEA. While it's not apparent what they are doing, the sheer show in force has many in the community weary.

While this is cause for some anxiety we are also being made aware of a developing situation on I95 Southbound between Sherman and Midway. Dawson Julia, a Maine Cannabis Pioneer made it public that there is a ICE roadblock which has been credited for confiscating 3 pounds from a legally abiding caregiver. The caregiver was said to have a Maine state trip ticket for his product, however being that ICE is a federal agency they were able to confiscate the Cannabis by the sole premise that Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug under federal law. We will continue to update this story as details become more apparent.


Host of the Maine Potcast

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