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Welcome to the Maine Pot Cast

Let me introduce the team!

Pictured above (left to right) Kerry, Evan and Adam from Mission Hill Melts.

As of right now the Maine Pot Cast, a podcast inspired by the cannabis industry in Maine and the surrounding areas, is hosted by Kerry (@kland70) and myself, Evan (@headstash207) along with our sound engineer Xavier (@xavier_probably_wright).

“We want to answer the questions everyone is asking.”

Believe it or not Kerry and I have had this equipment for nearly a year now. Although we have switched out many components with help from the Guitar Center down in Portland we got into this thinking it was going to be easy. We were very wrong. In fact Xavier has played a very crucial rule in getting us off the ground. The complexity of the equipment was way out of our reach and I would not of had any time to focus on developing a guest list, background research and the many other things that went into the Maine Pot Cast.

So, who is on the team?

So I should probably introduce myself first. My name is Evan, I am #Maine raised from a young age and I consider myself to be a connoisseur of #hash among many other things. I am also a big #alpine skier and have spent many Winters on the hill as a coach. Aside from working in the industry in many different capacities I have spent the last 12 months slowly putting the Maine Potcast together along with a few other projects that will be launching summer 2020. I decided to join the Maine #Potcast because I felt as though there was not enough people asking the questions I wanted answered, I was dying to have direct access to more hash makers and cultivators and understand more about them individually.

Kerry, a co-host on the podcast and a #cannabis advocate and connoisseur has spent the past two years as the head of operations for two local storefronts in #Lewiston/Auburn. Prior to the cannabis industry Kerry was heavily involved with the #Arts, owning and operating an art gala as well as managing #Macsgrill a local restaurant in #Auburn #Maine and spending many years prior in the hospitality business. On being asked why he wanted to join the Maine Potcast Kerry Said "Behind every brand there are people, teams, and aspirations. The #Potcast is my chance to have a conversation with some of New Englands best."

Xavier is our sound engineer. He is a recreational #cannabis user who enjoys craft cannabis, beers and vegan food. He has a special liking to cars and music that couples well with his sour patch kids addiction. "I eat sour patch kids by the lb" he once was on record saying. His introduction to #music happened in the 90s through the radio in Richmond, #Virginia where there was a hard core #hip-#hop and #RNB influence. His passion for music became more applicable in the everyday world when he began arranging songs an creating playlist for parties and local gatherings. He was mentored by other local DJs in 2017 and dove headfirst into the audio engineering world in 2018. When asked why he joined the Maine #Potcast he said "It was my chance to get some of the music out of my head, the mashups I have been thinking of, I want people to hear them. Plus, cannabis and music go great together anyway so it was a no brainer."

We are happy to put forward this team and look forward to it growing. Please feel free to contact us through the "Contact Us" tab, located on the top of this webpage if you have any questions, concerns or ideas for the Maine Potcast! Don't forget to subscribe on the main page so you can keep up to date on everything we are doing and if you would like to interact with us directly on these post you can also create an account with your google or facebook profile! Welcome to the team!

- Evan

Host of the Maine Potcast

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