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Wedding Cake Hash Rosin Review

Pictured is Highbrow X Salmon Falls Solventless Sweet Mints. Picture from Highbrow

Being in the solventless community it's nearly impossible to say you haven't heard of Salmon Falls Solventless. Extremely popular and well followed, coupled with a slight sense of elusiveness and inactivity on Instagram, he has created a weird allure to himself and his product, someone that is talked about like folklore in the hash community. Recently Highbrow stopped by and blessed us with a sample of their Wedding Cake Hash Rosin that was processed by Salmon Falls. This was extremely exciting being that Highbrow is held to the same standard as Salmon Falls in their respected relative craft which is cultivation and their ever-popular retail stores.

Wedding Cake was originally and is still technically Pink Cookies, developed by Seed Junky Genetics it is the combination of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Wedding Cake came about when a rare phenotype was selected and re-named by Jungle Boys.

Cracking the lid on the hash it filled my nostrils with peppery sweet aromas that reminded me slightly of a well-cured Sundae Driver. The look was divine resembling a custard that has yet to have its sugar coating scorched by a torch. It glistened in the natural light and was nearly effortless to grab a dab of, malleable like playdough yet soft and runny like pudding. On the inhale the sweetness of the Triangle Kush comes through with aromatics that remind you of oranges and lemons, a very mellow sweet citrus taste that came off as natural and not artificially flavored. Which can be a problem for citrus-based strains. On the exhale the peppery terps tickle the nose and can even produce a sneeze. After digging into the genetics I believe the herbal doughiness of the cookies in the Animal Mints combined with the citrus OG terps of the Triangle Kush make the earthy pepper profile you get on the exhale.

Overall this hash was great, not just saying that because I love Wedding Cake (who doesn’t right now) but because it had identifiable flavor profiles and solid effects. I found myself focused and energized yet not racing. People yearn for that combination, it’s hard to find strains that don't produce anxiety along with focus, as those both can be attributed to Sativas, I can totally see myself utilizing this strain before doing research or reading a book even homework this hash would be great for. All in all, it has earned a solid 9/10.


The host of the Maine Potcast

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