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What on earth is that torch for?

Ahhh, the unmistakable noise of a torch rips through the silence. Click, Click, whooooosh — A welcome sound to any experienced concentrate user. And when, in a less private setting, is almost always immediately followed with “whoa! What’s that blowtorch for?!” Though not a discreet tool, fans of extracts become captivated by the heat.

A butane torch is a key part of a well balanced dabbers repertoire. But, why a torch? On paper simply efficiency: smaller and lower burning lighter flames work perfectly for pipes and papers, but we need more power to vaporize our oil. However, the true winning attribute is their flair and captivation: the style and baddass feeling a torch brings. Not to mention that torch-on-banger action which never fails to nod at the concentrate pioneers of the past.

Temperature and time are divisive subjects in the dabbing community. In my years of smoking I have tested most of the methods. From cold start, all the way to hot-n-hurd. I have found that it simply boils down to personal preference. Every dabber has a slightly different tactic and reason to their madness. Overall for most bangers, twenty seconds of direct heat and a minute (give or take a few seconds) to cool, seems like a solid rule of thumb to follow in order to provide a nice smooth hit that still tastes great. We will dive into the differentiations of different styles of “nails” in the coming weeks.

There isn’t much tech behind your run of the mill “creme-brûlée” torch. However, often overlooked and under appreciated, dabbing wouldn’t be where it is today without the blowtorch. Rapid growth within the concentrate community over the last twenty years has resulted in widespread variations of torches and dabbing methods. You can find different shapes, sizes, and levels of adjustability. Some cannabis users prefer smaller pocket torches in combination with a nectar collector style pipe, while others prefer the good ole’ fashion (and guaranteed to wake your neighbors down the street) propane torch. No matter the avenue you choose, there’s always an option to fit your needs. Check out your local glass shops for a more hands on approach.

Even in a world filled with cartridges, e-rigs, all-in-ones and dab-pens the torch stands tall. Both as a literal and figurative beacon in the extract community. A torch brings patients, friends, and medicine together. Whether you’re new to dabbing, or a rednail-battered-veteran, we should all take a moment to appreciate our torches. Are there easier, less intimidating methods? Sure. More discreet? You bet. But that’s not what we’re on about. Your torch is that date you bring with you to the party to show off, but not the one you take home to meet your parents. You’ve been through so much together and your torch should be one of your best friends, second only to your banger, and its’ hanger. A magnanimous ally in the battle against sobriety. Ready to tackle insurmountable odds at every twist and turn—shit, it’s empty.

- Jake

Maine Potcast Contributor

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