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The word “Cure” is thrown around a lot in the cannabis industry. Rightfully so, this aspect of the growing process is a crucial step towards having connoisseur level buds. In the words of Franco the Strain Hunter “Curing weed corresponds to aging a good wine. If the weed quality is average, it is not worth the effort and time necessary to cure it. On the other hand, if the buds are high grade, it is well worth waiting a little longer to get the best out of  it.” You can't make subpar buds any better with a good cure, but you can turn a good product that much better if the respected time and care is taken. Notably, an improper cure can and will result in a terrible end-product, turning cannabis grown perfectly into cannabis not worth consuming.

The final, and debatably most important step in any harvest, a proper cure culminates through patience and time. The product is held in a dark environment at approximately sixty degrees fahrenheit with humidity ranging between forty and fifty percent. The terpenes are delicately and accurately aged in a way that produces a much more enriched flavor and noticeable changes to the high. The curing process itself will “steadily lower THC in favor of CBN, [a compound] much less potent than THC.” according to’s blog “The guru of Ganja”. This can make the high much more introspective and level headed, it is great and often used as a tool in mediation and yoga while obviously being applicable in more everyday settings. Curing the cannabis can often get rid of hay-like flavors and bring out the true aromatics of the flower, while an improper cure can increase the hay smell and even transform it to a freshly cut grass nose which is no better. The cure is important, sometimes lasting up to two months, this process is just one of many growers take in order to deliver patients a product that is to their liking. 

- Evan

Host of the Maine Potcast

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