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As our dreams culminate into reality, recent anticipation has begun to garner around the arrival of our sister company. TERPS of 22 Park St. takes a bold step to define Maine cannabis culture whilst being situated in prime downtown-Lewiston. Striving to provide a place for Cannabis connoisseurs, and recreational users alike, this flagship location, a community-centric mercantile, will be a first-of-its-kind shop for industry specific apparel, American made glass and one off collectibles. Opening with grand-allure in late August, TERPS is about to situate itself as a key-stone piece of leisure in Lewiston nestled crucially and conveniently in a varietal midst of retail cannabis shops and local eateries. Incredible dedication has taken a profound vision to fruition, so how did we get here? 

Approximately 18 months ago Kerry stumbled upon 22 Park St while working at a nearby retail storefront. Modern, industrial and bold, with big windows facing downtown Lisbon St., a hip urban feel immediately stole the spotlight. A space dominated by an architectural focal-point hard to come across in L/A, with newfound-love for the location, and a tending compassion to develop the ever growing industry, breaking ground so-to-speak became much more than simply distant desires. Yet, with passion, dedication and importantly a profound vision just four months later things had begun to shape into something noteworthy. With limited audio production capabilities and a clearer than ever vision on launching a cannabis specific podcast, anticipation and uncanny excitement for what the future instills held supremacy over all else. While our podcast productions and informational network resided still as a main focus, Kerry, and I still had an indisputable urge to share the 22 Park St. space with the public. Business, developmental and conceptual plans took flight, such that finally, after months of brainstorming and many more of copious fine tuning, a lifelong desire has animated to life. So what’s our goal?

With an already ample and competitive amount of retail cannabis storefronts available for patients to access medication, TERPS proves to fill a niche, providing everyone with an accessible place felt universally as a second home. Our racks will be filled with cannabis apparel, including seasonal options and one offs that come directly from Maine Caregivers. With intentional curation, our shelves will house a small, but captivating glass collection that will be forever rotating and changing, all whilst being representative of current, historical and future developments within Maine as well as the broader scope of cannabis culture. Yet, the space isn't just about commerce, or bridging the gap between consumers and the industry that often lurks behind closed doors. With conversations flowing TERPS at its simplest level allows for a stage of smiles. Where ones whom have felt their passions left unheard will be able to simply reside to immerse in camaraderie.  Simply looking around, the walls are littered with paintings; art enthusiasts be enthused. But more so, floors will be littered with people who actively are pioneering progression in something that had lay stagnant, lacking such progression for so long. TERPS, has finally had its chance, a chance to provide, a chance where all enthusiasts will be enthused, enthused by each other and the space around them.

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