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Stronger Together

What a time to be alive.....or maybe not. Regardless of where you live in New England, the U.S or even the world, everyone is feeling the burden of this Coronavirus mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. People are being laid off, millions are applying for unemployment and nobody even bothers to check the market because its crashed like 12 times already in the past week. With that being said now more than ever the marijuana community needs to stick together and spread some positivity. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be a shared sentiment. 

Over the past couple weeks we have seen a lot of drama unfold in the community. Wellness Connection filed a lawsuit against the State of Maine. There has been some strong opposition, too which we applaud those efforts. Unfortunately, it seems like those attacks didn't stop with Wellness, they branched out and attacked caregivers who had supposedly "signed contracts" with Wellness. Highbrow, a local caregiver storefront that operates in 3 different townships fell victim to these senseless attacks. Full disclosure, HIGHBROW HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WELLNESS CONNECTION! In fact, they have been supporting the community for a long time and are fighting the good fight to keep the Maine Marijuana Community local. 

So, where does this stop?

 Too that, I don't know. It seems as though attacks on local caregivers have increased. We have seen a lot of baseless accusations made about "secret partnerships" and "backroom deals" but here's the point. If you do not have proof, don't say it. Not only have some caregivers been forced into taking legal action, something members of the marijuana community rarely want to do, they have been forced to plead with vendors to keep arrangements, while also needing to explain the situation to customers, all whilst hoping they understand. These accusations are costing small businesses money in a time when there’s not a lot around. 

Has anyone ever heard of divide and conquer? 

It’s a real thing, Maine is a small state and as we have seen we can make things happen when we operate as a well-oiled machine together. The worry is with all these slanderous accusations being thrown around we can be divided into smaller sectors of people who do not get along and forget the main goal. In this position of being divided we have much less power and cannot fight bigger corporations with nearly endless funds. We need to remember as micro influencers, news outlets, and community members we have a duty to make sure the stuff we post, say and do is not just baseless, but bred by facts and backed by evidence.

I myself have fell victim to false accusations from an old storefront I was associated with. I was the scapegoat for almost every problem that arises in their life, from bad Weedmaps reviews to negative articles written in the Bates College newspaper, "it was all Evans fault". I know first-hand what it can be like to be targeted for nearly no reason, it sucks and at the same time is somewhat comical. It is in times like these where we need to remember that we are a community, a small community, a community that fights for what's right and does what is good. If we forget that, we are no better than the big corporations we so passionately fight against. 

- Evan

Host of the Maine Potcast

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