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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Recently many of us have seen thick, slightly foamy colorful beers making an appearance on Instagram feeds. Some even feature Marijuana leafs and names like “Sour Diesel” and “Blue Dream”. What are these fruity flavored beers and where have they come from? 

First off these beers are given the categorized name sour. According to “To make a beer (any beer) sour, brewers inoculate it. What does that mean? Simply, they ferment the beer by introducing one (or a combination) of fermenting agents: a genus of yeast called Brettanomyces, acid producing bacteria, and/or any type of conventional and non-conventional yeast.” Oftentimes they are combined with fruit purée to give them a thick consistency and naturally derived fruit flavors. A notorious brewer in the broader United States is 450 North, based out of Indiana. Many look upon this company in admiration for its forward thinking success that came along with them branching out into the cannabis industry.  Bringinging the massive beverage industry into the craft brew realm, two rapidly growing markets, collaboration style sours that celebrate 420 is an idyllic combination. While their businesses operate somewhat alike and revolve around similarly price inelastic goods, beverages and cannabis are historically two separate realms of products. This begs the question, what leads the cannabis industry to be so attracted to these sours? 

A hot-topic of the cannabis industry is new flavor profiles made from a combination of terpenes. Much like cannabis strains (and their respective terpenes), these beers offer the same type of selection and variety of flavor profiles. From strawberries and cream to triple berry pies, these beers truly are a connoisseurs dream. Apart from 450 North which can in itself be a challenge to get your hands on, there is one Maine company that has been making a name for themselves. Definitive Brewing, based out of Portland, is on the rise as the new provider of top quality milkshake-consistency style sour beers. Their “euphoric nights” line and “late night triple berry sours” have become a hit across the State. Selling out within days. Something can be said about the satisfying combination of a fat dab and some fruity sour beer. 


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