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So, You Wanna Be In the Cannabis Industry?


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Everyone has heard it; “You must love your job”, but the truth don't. Ever thought about easing your way into the cannabis industry, yet don't know where to start? While a common concern, in reality, the cannabis industry doesn't differ far from many others in regards to its core requirements and inner-workings. Various skills are needed to shape a successful cannabis business. Often, fundamental abilities are the foundation to many job possibilities.  Multitaskers,organizers or techies all have a place. People with these skills all while being good with individual and group driven tasks, in addition to having already garnered experience in the cannabis industry are increasingly likely candidates. So how can you make yourself more desirable to potential employers if you can't out-match the latter? Here are five tips we came up with. 

1. Be willing to learn 

While many applying aren't familiar with the industry, and how it works in an official capacity, having the willingness to learn can go a long way. Take the extra step on tasks and look into systems and processes you are unfamiliar with. Always ask clarifying questions after exhausting other resources.

2. Familiarize yourself with the lingo

In the cannabis industry there is a lot of slang that can throw people off. While most people  are more than willing to simplify what they are saying to an elementary level (“slice” to “eighth”) being able to understand and relate to a customer provides that much more rapport

3. Hang out with people who are in the industry

Just like any other aspect of life, the easiest and fastest way to learn something is through immersion. It's the same reason why many students abroad gain fluency and cultural understanding far quicker, and to greater success, than their remotely situated counterparts. Beyond honing in on current lingo, surrounding yourself with people in the industry can lend a significant help for gaining experiential knowledge and reaching the “inner circle”. 

4. Follow cannabis accounts on social media platforms

While hanging out with people who are in the industry is a great way to learn, sometimes that's not always possible. Following local companies, caregivers and consumers who are active on social media is a great, accessible way for you to immerse in cannabis culture. A popular thing we see arising in the community is separate, secondary cannabis-specific social media accounts. By creating alternate profiles, users maintain their family-friendly public profile. In doing so these pages become centered entirely on cannabis, removing distractions, allowing for individuals to easily keep up with information and their enthusiast friends.  


Whether you are consuming the product or observing it as a patron, photographer or lover of the plant, getting used to being around cannabis can make one more comfortable with it. I enjoy consumption and find it easy to relate to patients on the grounds of taste and effect. The only way to find the same connection, and the ability to share how you view the plant, its smells, its feelings, or its taste, is through experiencing and enjoying cannabis whittled down to its simplest fresh unsmoked form. 

- Evan

Host of the Maine Potcast

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