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Should we be smoking right now?

Should the cannabis industry be encouraging smoking during the spread of a respiratory virus?

This is something I have pondered myself, and to be honest, I havent smoked cannabis in nearly two weeks. I have decided to switch my ingestion method to purely edibles out of an abundance of caution. So what are the experts saying?

While some have made claims against smoking entirely during this time, the one agreed upon viewpoint is no more puff puff pass. Right now is not a time to be sharing joints, bongs, rigs and other smoking apparatuses. So how do we get communal like we are used to? Well there are some other options, we have seen virtual seshes popping up where people are smoking together over facetime, zoom or a multitude of other platforms offering video chatting with more than one party. We have seen people “Facing joints” meaning they are rolling up individuals and still smoking communally just without physically passing around a joint or blunt, each person has their own.

What about smoke itself?

This is where it can get somewhat controversial so we will tread lightly by only providing quotes and facts from medical professionals and let readers draw their own conclusions. In a recent article published on “Westword” the “Independent Voice of Denver Since 1977” a physician and local owner of a dispensary said this, "Stop using your lungs for smoking marijuana. It's a lung injury, and that's what most people are worried about with this COVID-19 thing," he explains. "It's not the most important thing, but it can break down that barrier in your lungs, and that's what we're worried about right now." Peter Pyror, the owner of Doc Morrison, a Wheat Ridge Medical marijuana dispensary went on to say that he is encouraging patients to switch to edibles for the foreseeable future. Another article posted in the San Francisco Weekly noted that Sara Payan who is the Apothecarium public education officer went on record saying, “Smoking can irritate the lungs”... “For people who already have predispositions to respiratory issues, you should really stick to edibles during this time.” The article by SF Weekly also noted Dr. Stanton Glantz, professor of medicine and director of the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education saying, “there’s a ton of evidence that smoking and vaping depress immune function in your lungs. If you look at cannabis smoke and compare it to tobacco smoke, it’s not that different. You have THC instead of nicotine, but the immunosuppressive effects do not seem to be primarily because of nicotine.” Now we should also point out that Dr.Glantz is notably an anti smoker. He also admitted that it's hard to draw direct correlation from causational links with cannabis and lung ailments because there is little to no research available on that. This is mainly because of the federal ban on Cannabis.

So what do I do?

Well in times like these it's easy to panic, rest assured there are a lot of great edible makers in the state of Maine that you can turn to if you decide not to smoke. Below is a list of some of our personal favorites

Black Tie Gummies - Come in a variety of flavors, they even offer limited amounts of full spectrum hash rosin infused gummies in collaboration with Top Secret Extracts.

Tastefully Baked Ice Cream - Smooth rich creamy ice cream made from local ingredients and offered in a few different flavors.

Kalikori Melts Dots - A strictly full spectrum hash rosin gummy that is made in collaboration with Tastefully Baked.

Kalikori Melts Bon Bons - Another strictly full spectrum hash rosin edible, also in collaboration with Tastefully Baked this time it's not a gummy, rather a smooth rich chocolate Bon Bon.

High Tide Edibles Salted Caramels - These salted caramels are creamy, slightly salty and you can't just stop at one!

BoomXtracts Hash Rosin Doughnuts - These doughnuts are made with full spectrum hash rosin, glazed and coated with sprinkles.

Empyreal Beverages THC Infused coffees and teas - Smooth and flavored just right, these low dosed drinks are great for your morning pick me up.

Highbrow Mixed Drinks - Available in mixed berry, pink lemonade, lemonade and pineapple mango these drinks provide a great burst of flavors and pack a great punch of THC.

Afterglow Edible Co. Chocolate Bars - Available in a massive selection of flavors from cookies n cream, to passion fruit pop and even a strawberry cheesecake option.

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