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Season 1 "Lets Hash it Out"

This season we have had the pleasure of sitting down with some amazing Hash makers. Season 1 was inspired by the hash market, specifically the solvent-less one, which blew up in the past couple of years. Being someone who predominantly #smokes #solvent-less hash #rosin I was excited to say the least. I had a lot I wanted to ask!


Something I knew that I couldn't steer away from was #tech and how each #hash maker approached it, from hand washing vs. machine washing to curing preferences I wanted to ask them everything and anything. Part of the challenge with the #podcast and some what of a goal was making sure we don't ask to much, there had to be some sort of structure to our #interviews so people listening, including ourselves, could actually gain something from the conversation. Too much information is not alway a good thing.

Mission Hill Melts

Aside from deep #technical questions, like anyone else kerry and I wanted to know their individual #stories, where they came from and who they have met. One thing I can say is these people have met some hash #legends! It was exciting to see the #passion come thru and the #nostalgia was infectious. Its impossible to to not be jealous because any attempt to replicate the #badassery would be sub par.

Best Friend Farm

Aside from the bad ass stories about hash and the #OGs they have met it was clear that there is a common theme among them all. #Passion for the #plant. Many of these #hash makers are packed with knowledge and have great memories when it comes to the #lineage of their favorite hash #strains and other strains they have experimented with in the past. Most can make subjective judgement calls on #yields based on the lineage of a plant. All will tell you there's never a 100% certainty, but having someone who can give fact based predictions backed by experience is very attractive to potential clients.

Megaraw Melts

All in all Season 1 was a blast so far....I say "so far" because while we have tentatively shut down #production of Season 1 "Lets Hash it Out", we have a few more people in our sights we would love to throw on as surprise #encore for this season. Stay tuned and see who that could be!

Team Green

- Evan

Host of the Maine Potcast

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