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Proper Storage of Cannabis

Whether you are stockpiling your headstash during a pandemic or simply want to keep smoking your favorite strain of nug for months to come, knowing how to store your flower properly is a crucial step in maximize your cannabis.

There are three main factors when it comes to the degradation of cannabis.

UV exposure, circulation of oxygen and excessive or depleted moisture levels all lend a hand towards breaking down your precious bud.

What’s the deal with Oxygen?

Often people associate “air-tight” with its smell-proof attributes. While true, this is only made possible by the complete restriction in airflow (ala oxygen) via a seal. Storing cannabis in containers not properly sealed allows for terpenes to evaporate and the flower to oxidize. In addition to these reductions in smoke quality, the physical THC potency is diminished as THC is converted into CBN, a sleepy-feeling, sometimes nausea and headache inducing cannabinoid. I recommend minimizing exposure to oxygen by opening your stash as infrequent as possible while also always making sure that your jar or container is closed and sealed properly.

In regards to moisture

Personally, I use Boveda 2-way humidity regulator packs to keep moisture at a constant and desired level. These small packs fit easily into any jar or container. Boveda offers two choices ideal for cannabis, that being 58% humidity or 62%. The choice comes down to preference, wherein higher moisture content is generally going to lend to a less harsh smoke, a lower moisture content will lend to a great burn and even smoke. The packs should outlast your stash and can be discarded when they firm up.

What about sunlight?

Let’s not forget that cured cannabis is dead plant matter. While also contributing to the chemical conversion of THC to CBN, often the ease of storefronts and lack of first hand cultivation even makes me forget to realize that cannabis is constantly breaking down from the moment it becomes harvested. UV especially leads to increased breakdown and decomposition of cannabis. To combat this, store flower in dark areas without direct sunlight and also use non-opaque containers. I often store cannabis in my closet as it lacks circulating air, never receives sunlight and stays at a constant humidity.

I know someone was thinking about heat.

People commonly debate at what temperature to store cannabis. With some putting nug in the fridge and even some in the freezer, my judgement might seem simple. Cannabis lives with you, so don’t let it dictate your temperature. She does perfectly fine at room temperature, just don’t let the nug get too hot, for reasons of breakdown or even mold.

A side note about container materials:

Often, I see dispensaries using mylar bags or, even worse, ziplock baggies as containers which frequently build static charge. This leads to frustrating shake and crumble stuck in the corners while trichomes are directly pulled off your flower. I recommend to store cannabis long term in either glass or metal containers. A basic option would be a typical canning or mason jar while a CVault is better suited for premium, larger-scale, and UV resistant applications. By using proper storing methods and medias you can help to prologue the smoke-ability of any flower.

- Tommy

Chief Editor of the Maine Potcast

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