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Pie Dough

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Picture taken by Megaraw

Megaraw Melts has long since established themselves as one of New England’s premier hash makers. If you follow the solventless scene in Maine you have at the very least heard of Pie Dough. This well-known and sought-after strain is yearned for in the hash community for its’ gassy jet-fuel nose and its’ equally punch-packing gassy flavor. Upon opening a jar of Pie Dough there is no mistaking the uniqueness of its terpene profile. The way it bombards your senses with its pungent aroma would pique any cannoisseur’s interests. Pie Dough is not just gas. A certain sweetness shines through the fuel-undertones. While the inhale is dominated by gassy flavors that many hash connoisseurs know and love, on the exhale you are left reminiscing over a welcomed yet unexpected sweetness. This distinctive terp-profile grabs you off guard, yet leaves you with an incredible contrast of gassy and sweet notes. A combination that works exceptionally well.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to sample many different extraction-forms of Pie Dough including 90/120u full-melt, 90/120u Rawserve jam, and full-spectrum rosin jam. One thing that I can definitively say is that if you have tried Pie Dough in rosin form but not as full-melt you are truly missing out.

During my first experience trying Pie Dough as a full-spectrum rosin jam I was impressed, but was left wanting a little something different. I could clearly tell the care and quality that went into the extraction and was left with great flavor and a great high, however I knew more could be had with this strain. I tried the Pie Dough 90/120u Rawserve Jam. The color, melt and effect were all great, but it became apparent that Pie Dough would be best enjoyed as a full-melt. The strong yet sweet aroma that comes from Pie Dough full-melt hits your nostrils with some of the most pleasant smells Maine hash has to offer. When dabbing, both the inhale and exhale are very smooth and the proper melt allows for easy cleanup with just one or two cotton-swabs, all attributes that anyone should look for when smoking melts. Not many hash makers can achieve such a quality melt that requires little more cleaning than a normal dab of rosin. The small team at Megaraw Melts has been putting love and care into their hash and the end product is a direct reflection of that. From the way the fresh frozen material is handled to post processing techniques, you are getting nothing but the best when dealing with Megaraw. The close following that they have built is a demonstration of that.

- Owen

Maine Potcast Contributor

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