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Orangeade Hash Review

Orangeade is an indica-dominant-strain that stays true to its citrus roots throughout the dabbing experience. Upon opening the jar pungent terpenes hit your nose; bursts of citrus end in floral undertones resulting in a pleasantly flavorful dab. However, the flavor and smell that Orangeade terpenes produce is not the only thing that draws me to it. The crew over at Team Green takes pride in the products they produce, putting a clear and immense amount of care into their hash-rosin products. I was lucky enough to enjoy Orangeade live rosin from Team Green in two different forms both fresh pressed and cold-cured sugar, wet with terpenes. I was thoroughly impressed with both consistencies, each drawing me in for different reasons.

The cold cured batter had an impressive presence of terpenes, somehow managing to find your nose even with the jar closed. The consistency was wet and easy to get on the dabber, an attribute that many hash-lovers yearn for. The citrus flavor was pungent in the best way possible, leaving prolonged notes of orange and clementine behind. With a residual taste lasting fifteen to twenty minutes, you are constantly reminded to come back for more. The fresh-pressed-coin was one of the most aesthetically pleasing concentrates I have had the pleasure to experience recently. It had visual clarity that is rarely achieved through proper full term WPFF (whole-plant fresh-frozen) runs and the magically soft, yet stable, consistency made sizing a dab far easier than most other fresh pressed coins, which tend to shatter. The flavor was somewhat muted compared to its cured counterpart, yet, the terpenes still shined through. I was left with a unique orange, candy like taste that did not come across in its cold-cured form. The melt was very clean and uniform which is always welcomed when experiencing hash.

Hash makers so often are able to achieve a proper appearance and smell, however, when their rosin hits the banger the gap in quality becomes readily apparent. The clean and consistent melt that comes with a quality hash-rosin has become expected from Team Green 207. Those who have yet to try an extract from Team Green are thoroughly missing out. They are quickly proving themselves as one of the top hash makers in Maine.

- Owen

Maine Potcast contributor

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