|Nag Champa Review|

Without perusing the web, I couldn’t tell you what Nag Champa is. I wouldn’t know that its tendencies are delineated with sativa dominance nor could I tell you that this strain comes with illustrious rarity, or a hard-pressed following from OG strain-hunters. Yet, these are facts.

It’s true Nag Champa lies within hybrids tending to sativa dominant traits. It’s true that this strain is rare. Yet, as someone whom one -- despises sativas and two -- has never heard of Nag Champa, I almost passed up the opportunity to smoke such nug.

Nag Champa isn’t much of a sativa, nor should it be so rare.

Nag Champ is a hard-find treat, appeasing to not just the palate of accomplished cannasiours, but a cut of cannabis illustrious to a wide gauntlet of consumers. Its green structure, iced with clear trichomes is beautiful. It’s even-keeled taste, creamy cannabinoids cut with uplifting citruses terpenes and holistically body-hitting diesel, skunky goodness piques all senses. Burning evenly and slowly, its smoke transcends to a stone perfectly balanced, a meditative state of balance and tranquility. A smoke subtle when subtly consumed, and debilitating when puffed with passion and persistence.

From sunny mornings to rainy nights, its versatility proved to be unparallel.

Nag Champa; a champion of nug, isn’t just a pinnacle of surprise nor a pilar of versatility.

Nag Champa is a keystone in the outlook of current cannabis cultivation. It is exemplarily in look, defining in taste, and absolutely perfect in experience.

Farley’s Cannabis Farm has defined where cannabis is and should be. While not prolific in one attribute, their ability to appease every attribute has led me to denote this as the standard for a smoke. While not something exemplary for specific attributes, its ability to compromise and meet many core-requirements is pinnacle towards compromise. (A construct of where cannabis has become)

 Versatility has reached an era where hitting all the marks doesn’t come at the cost of mediocracy, but rather, wherein such holistic appeasement comes at the pleasure of almost all.

Written by Tom

Maine Potcast Contributor

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