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Mythic Mints Freedom Brothers Hash Rosin Review

In regards to cannabis concentrates, as well as within the broader context of the general cannabis industry, far-leaning sativas are rarely found in abundance on storefronts’ shelves. For exclusively sativa-lovers, this could become frustrating, however for many, finding a killer sativa-leaning product in the shallow seas of energetic-genetics can be that much more special and unique.  When one stumbles upon some single source Mythic Mints hash rosin from Freedom Brothers Extracts, the rarity of  full spectrum sativa leaning hybrids invoked me with an outspoken necessity to try. A successful cross between Macmints X Blood Dragon, Mythic Mints is a pheno-tastic creation by Umami Seed Company. While rare for most, we have come to find out that sativas are kinda a thing for Freedom Brothers. With notoriety stemming from their signature clem split strain as well as a palette of other sativa dominant hybrids, Mythic Mints is no exception for their dominance in sativa-prominent products. 

A quick visual inspection makes one think; “Playdough that's been left out for a day”. Small cracks on its thin, crisp outer shell, save its moist, light yellow cream center to present itself only when agitated by a dabber. A decadent little dollop of hash, this product puts on an immediate allure as if constructed like a truffle made in Chambery, France. 

Once the jar is opened, the smell of candied-oranges and freshly-muddled-mint fills the room. Dropped at moderate temperatures, ranging from 500-650 degrees fahrenheit, the first terpenes to be noticed are creamy fruit flavors which become quickly complimented by accenting minty-notes. These conflated tastes bump heads with another underlying profile throughout the inhale, as well as exhale. Overwhelming sourness, not like sour patch kids sour, but rather more along the lines of a ripely-acidic green apple, rush all the bitter receptors in your mouth. And yet gas feinds shalt not be turned off yet! The exhale invites an entirely new narrative to the experience. When fruity terps give way, rushes of gas tickle one's nostrils. Notably, this strain is comparable in multiple ways to headbanger, where honing in specifically on the exhale you can draw a direct correlation between their respective gassy and sour terpenes. 

The effects of the Mythic Mints are relatively instant. While subtle on the body, the great cerebral effects are undeniably achieved only through such a sativa-dominant cut that this hash subsequently stems from. The initial onset is rather strong and arguably not for an inexperienced first time user. Slight jitters can be observed, as happens with Sativas on occasion. But this subdues. Fading away, a relatively relaxed, yet motivated high lends itself to an outstandingly enjoyable experience. All in all, Mythic Mints by Freedom Brothers taps the right keys. With an inviting nose, great jar-appeal, invigorating taste and an even more hard-hitting high, all attributes culminate into what I view as an exemplifying product that positions itself above most other sativa-dominant market offerings.  — Owen

Maine Potcast Contributor

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