Kalikori Hash Syrup

Hash Rosin has now become mainstream. I said it. While shatter and BHO is still preferred by the masses for its stellar amount of THC at a relatively low price, it's no longer crazy for someone to say they paid $60 plus on a gram of solventless. In the never ending fight for innovation and the bragging rights of being the first to do something we are now seeing crazy hash rosin infused edibles. One in particular that caught our eye was Kalikori Melts Full Spectrum Hash Rosin infused Blueberry Syrup.

Coming in a 60ml bottle containing 200mg of THC this flat black bottle is appealing to the eye and the geeks like myself who want to know what's in the product as far as THC content, ingredients and a THC caution label. It grabs your attention and is informative.

I tried the Blueberry Syrup via two different methods. The obvious being straight shooting it like a shot of alcohol and the other was mixing it in a bottle of water, creating a flavored drink. When taking out the dropper there was some crystallization of sugar, other than that the consistency throughout was great, not grainy and very smooth. When taken straight from the bottle the blueberry flavor is strong, yet not very artificial tasting. It is not bitter or battling with the cannabis, pair harmoniously creating a sweet blueberry cannabis experience. Reaching out to Suds n’ Buds he was clear that these are in the very early stage of development and to expect a clear expansion and improvement of flavors in the coming months. Consuming the syrup through combining it with a bottle of water was a pleasant surprise, I was skeptical as to how well it was going to mix in the drink. Fearing no way for it to properly emulsify. After tipping the bottle upside down for sometime in the water bottle and a gentle shake it turned the water a creamy, very slightly blue color. The water tasted sweet with a very little hint of blueberry and cannabis and had a good texture, surprising me on how easy it broke down into the water.

After 20 to 45 minutes the effects started to become apparent, very relaxing body high that did not promote anxiety. I consumed doses in 50mg increments until the bottle was finished, approximately taking an 8 hour period of time. The end of the day I didn't find myself foggy or groggy, I did not have the typical weed hangover the next morning. Overall it was a great experience, from the flavor, to the ease of consumption and effects. These batches are limited and super exclusive so keep your eyes peeled and grab one when you can!


Host of the Maine Potcast

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