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Kalikori Dots

Photo taken by Trichshots

First they’re sour, then they're sweet. No I'm not talking about sour patch kids, I'm talking about Kalikori Melt’s Dots. These round little gummies are coated with soury sugar and are presented in a variety of colors. They are not only delicious, but extremely effective.

For those unaware these gummies are not your average THC infused candy. Kalikori Dots are the culmination of when quality is mixed with quality… let me explain.

Kalikori Melts is a solventless extraction company situated in southern Maine. For the past year they have been consistently pumping out high quality meds that are lab tested and consumer approved. The owner, Suds n’ Buds is an absolute staunch for upper echelon hash and has made a name that is trusted with regards to heady, small batch solventless extracts.

While the majority of edibles on the market are made with distillate, a product of distillation, effectively removing terpenes, fats, lipids and other volatile compounds of the plant, Kalikori Dots are made with full-spectrum hash rosin. If you read Mondays (3/23) post it is apparent that full spectrum extractions are far more beneficial over isolate (Distillate) in regards to wholesome effects and medication. Not only does a product with a full-spectrum extract get you the high associated with THC, you experience the healing benefits from all the compounds and cannabinoids within the cannabis plant.

Naturally, when Kalikori Melts wanted to infuse full spectrum hash into an edible to achieve the ultimate consumable medication they had to partner with someone who had a reputation for quality like they did. That's when they landed at Tatsefullybaked. Tastefully Baked is a fully certified and licensed kitchen (they also are C1D1, C1D2, LD328 & LD1539 certified, trust me they have their shit together) who stress the importance of lab testing to assure their medical dosing is spot on. The combination of these companies' relative masteries is more than noticeable. The taste of any edible has become a key component in today's market as many competitors have emerged with proper dosing. For that Tastefully Baked turns to locally sourced natural ingredients, winning over consumers taste buds. From chocolate bars to their squeezables (Kalikori Dots), all the way to their Ice Cream, Tastefully Baked are in search of the best quality ingredients. At the end of the day, this is medicine so naturally the kitchen should be focused just as much on the vessel they are using to transport the medicine into one's system as they are the medicine itself.

Back to the dots…

When the dot first hits your mouth you will notice the intense sour that causes one to pucker. The sour is soon overcome by the sweetness of the sugary coating. At this point the dot feels soft and slimy in your mouth. Time to bite down. Breaking the soft shell of the gummi releases a burst of sweetness that is followed by a slight bitter undertone of cannabis that is pleasant to many connoisseurs. Unlike most distillate based edibles, with full spectrum edibles the taste of cannabis is non-maskable. With that I should also note that these are not the same flavor produced by your uncles friends cousin who made BHO edibles from his trim-run-shatter back in 09. These have a refined and subtle taste that accompanies creamy hash-rosin.

The high is well rounded. You can feel more of the effects on the body rather than just the cerebral high that is associated with many distillate based edibles. When dealing with full-spectrum edibles the dosage is also decreased for many people. Personally I can consume approximately 100mg of THC when eating a distillate based edible before I notice the high, with the full spectrum Kalikori Dots my threshold drops to 20mg. Another noticeable attribute was that the full spectrum edibles have the ability to reduce anxiety rather than increase it. A big complaint by many is how edibles tend to increase anxiety, and can give people the feeling like the sky is falling. This is further from the case with Kalikori’s Dots.

All in all the teamwork between Kalikori Melts and Tastefully Baked has paid off. Not only do they work great, taste amazing and are always consistent, they support two small local businesses that embody what the cannabis industry in Maine should be. I am amazed by the effectiveness of these dots and look forward to them being in my daily regimen for weeks to come.

- Evan

Maine Potcast host

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