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Highroad GMO Hash Rosin Review

When it comes to a strain like GMO, used so frequently for extracts-especially with regards to solventless-hash-making, it can be extremely challenging to distinguish yourself from the crowd of other products.  While once highly sought after, the allustrious terpenes of garlic, mushrooms and onions have garnered mainstream status, becoming readily available.  Frustratingly, the flood of introductions of this strain within the market has resulted in watered down interest for consumers. While GMO can be had in almost all storefronts, in a handful of different forms, a problem arises for many with a desirable and unique cut of GMO. As a lot of patients see GMO and immediately lose interest simply due to how much of it is circulating on the market, cultivators and processors with distinct phenotypes rarely get acknowledged.  

There however is a needle in the GMO haystack. The crew over at High Road, in collaboration with the solventless guru “hotnheadyteddy”, have clearly differentiated from the rest,  bringing us a standout GMO product unique from what the market is flooded with.  When cracking open a jar of 120u GMO Live Rosin jam from High Road, you are first greeted by the notorious, yet now common pungent garlic terps.  However, what makes this GMO shine above most is its; noticeable and complex sweetness, somehow able to compliment the absolute-brute appearance of garlic flavours.  This sweetness, similar to that of tasty undertones found in many I-95 cuts, grazes your nose, while most notably, presenting itself clearly on exhale. 

At first glance, this jam could be mistaken for a hydrocarbon-extract.  An unpracticed eye might think of its clean appearance, wet terpene layer and overall clarity as signals for extensive processing, where in actuality, each step of the somewhat simple and natural hash process was done with such complexion and due-diligence resulting in a quite remarkable jar-appeal. What also impressed me about this GMO jam is the texture that High Road and hotnheadyteddy have achieved. Rarely does hash rosin maintain its terpene layer over time, even at room temp, wherein many rosins churn to butter and diminish to a dry crumble in a matter of days. I did not observe these tendencies for degradation with regards to this jam. When first breaking into a gram, your dabber is welcomed by beautiful terps. Pushing further down, terps lend to trichomes as you begin to break into the solventless micro diamonds at the bottom.  My absolute favorite consistency, extracts like this allow effortless dabs while the thick terpene layer leads to a noticeably more flavorful experience.  Plus, who doesn’t like their extracts oozing wet with cannabinoid-delights.  While only my first experience with any High Road’s product, I have come away thoroughly impressed with the end result. A quality experience from a quality product, this has is inherently created with care in every step of its culmination. If you get a chance to try some of High Road’s GMO Live Rosin jam, you would be silly to pass it up.     

- Owen

Maine Potcast Contributor

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