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Hash Review "Meat Madness"

Team Green’s Meat Madness live-rosin is in the hot seat this week. 

Bred by ThugPug Genetics, a blend of Meatloaf and Mendo Montage F3, Meat Madness is quickly picking up recognition throughout the cannabis community. This even-keeled hybrid oddly enough parts itself with both indica and sativa attributes. Its’ high can present itself truly towards either side of the spectrum, generally influenced by your mood and surroundings prior to consumption.

Lending a faint and simple nose, Meat Madness carries an unexpectedly heavy finish of lemon-lime. While not really looking like anything particularly special, Meat Madness finds a way to kick like an absolute mule. It’s oxymoronic in every way, carrying a light, yet heavy flavor and presenting itself somehow as both a true indica and a true sativa. Reminiscent of a musty root cellar mixed with a slaughterhouse on a warm august afternoon, the terpene profile is spiced up with an added hint of lime hiding in the back. Heavy lung expansion on the exhale can be felt, yet the experience overall is still silky-smooth. The high is almost instantaneous. While very concentrated within the head at first, the euphoria slowly branches out, carrying a soothing tingle through your arms and down to your legs. It is racy, yet not anxiety inducing. A fantastic motivator if you can push-past the encompassing indica tenancies, Meat Madness is a multi-faceted high that can get you through initiating and accomplishing tasks. You may find yourself pondering the meaning of life, or wondering where the word “towel” originated—It’s mid-13th century Old French by the way;  it's the type of high depicted by Hollywood blockbusters.

Overall Team Green’s Meat Madness hash-rosin has a simple terpene profile lending an above average taste. With a solid nose, and wet batter consistency it can please the masses. The physical attributes of Meat Madness are generic and run of the mill. Nothing really jumps out at you til that first exhale, where all of the sudden the mediocrity melts away. You sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Worth every cough, this hash is ranked at an eight out of ten. I would surely smoke again. 

- Jake

Maine Potcast Contributor

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