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Blueberry Pie A La Mode Review

The oven rings, you bust out the mitts. Opening it up freshly baked blueberry pie distinctively rushes towards your nose. Except it's not an oven. Rather it’s a 5ml jar of Blueberry Pie A-La-Mode Rawserve (90-120u) hash rosin, subtle wafts of its smell intoxicate your senses. This rosin is a genetic mashup between Garanimal, Scoops and Do-Si-Dos flowers sourced from Cure Cannabis Co. in Auburn. Sending the flower over to Megaraw - a locally-famed solventless extraction company - these terps have culminated into one exquisite hash. Being in the sweet-spot of 90-120u, these presses are more than special enough to receive the moniker of Megaraw’s High-Tier “Rawserve”.

So where did the name come from? 

In short, three complimenting flavors were sought and those flavors lent to a remarkably familiar and delectable taste. Scoops, bred by Exotic Genetix Mike, is a cross of Gelato 41 x Tina X Cookie & Cream F2. This strain’s name is aptly put, smelling like a cold-scoop of blueberry gelato terpenes. After Tucker over at Megaraw began to put Scoops into his daily rotation he quickly realized these terpenes were just asking to be accompanied by pastry notes. Putting fresh fruit and rich dough together is no new concept. But for this resulting combination, clear and fresh blueberry is significantly benefited by introducing a more substantial “texture” resulting in a well-rounded, “filling” flavor all the while staying true to its name, alluding to a fresh pie with even fresher ice cream. 

So what is Blueberry Pie A La Mode? 

 According to Laura Moss it is a “Buttery, homemade pastry dough which envelopes a sweet-tart filling of ripe blueberries enriched with ground cinnamon and lemon juice.” How does that description compare to the hash rosin? On the initial melt and inhale, the Scoops blueberry gelato terpenes are very prevalent. You notice sweet hints from garanimals while cracking open the jar, only to become increasingly noticeable as you inhale deeper and deeper.  A secondary profile finds your nose. Cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, along with the doughy-gassiness associated with Do-si-dos genetics, blend seamlessly behind the naturally-sweet blueberry terps. On exhale, notes of heavy-hitting gas are strong. Instantly causing salivation, feelings of tightness pulled my ears while my eyes began to sag. The effects are immediately felt in the head, providing a wave of euphoria and heavy sedation. Great for before bed, or when you need to calm the body and mind down after a long day, this hash is an all-around favorite of mine made by people who have historically proven themselves.

For those who don't know, we have done interviews and write ups on Megaraw himself, along with reviews of different single source hashes of his. We encourage you to check these writeups out on our blog page, as well as episode 5 of Season 1 of “Let's Hash it Out”, our signature podcast. Cure cannabis in Auburn has been on the map for some time, providing patients withmedication in the Androscoggin area. It has been known for its selection of strains and consistent quality. A deep-dive, this is Cure’s first hash-rosin produced from its in-house garden- yet the profile couldn't be better. While not a typical mono-terpene profile,  its attributes are well rounded. With a broad spectrum of flavors coming from a diverse, multi-strain collection of cannabinoids this designer mashup collaborates into a fantastic hash to be enjoyed by many.

- Evan

Host of the Maine Potcast

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