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Banana Bread Hash Rosin Review

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When two well known entities in the Maine cannabis community get together for a collaboration, you know there will be a fair amount of hype surrounding it.  However, living up to that hype is something that many fall short on.  Both Hotnheadyteddy and the team over at Lonely Bones know how to make some of the highest quality cannabis products money can buy.  Whether it be flower cultivated by Lonely Bones or Live Rosin made by Hotnheadyteddy, they are consistently bringing the heat.  So naturally when I heard they would be collaborating and the result of that collaboration was Banana Bread Live Rosin, I knew I had to get my hands on some.  Previously I had tried Hotnheadyteddy hash more than a few times and I was always impressed by the consistencies he is able to achieve with his rosin jam and the perpetual wetness that comes with his hash.  What I mean by that is the way you get the hash is the way it will stay.  A lot of hash that I have tried may be wet upon purchase but over time that wetness fades and the rosin is left in a dry, crumbly form which in my opinion is the least desirable consistency.  For those who do not know, Lonley Bones has made a name for himself with his "Banana Bread" strain that he grows with an immense amount of care. This strain has been rumored to test for terpene levels around 17% and in flower form smells and taste just like its name, Banana Bread. So what about the hash?

Well as stated above Hotnheadyteddy is a trusted source of high quality melts.  He has been around the block, to say the least, and we encourage anyone wanting to know more about him personally to check out episode number 3 on our podcast "Maine Potcast" featuring Hotnheadyteddy to learn more about the man behind the rosin. This rosin is "wet" giving the appearance of small pools or puddles of terpenes encompassed by small sugar like granules that make up the rest of the rosin. The first smell that hits ones nose is a sweet, tangy smell of bananas, or specifically the inhale is very sweet and the exhale is where the true tangy terps kick in. When smoking on the inhale the sweetness follows through and leaves the mouth salivating for more.  On the exhale the sour is present enough to make one think "Huh, this is banana" but not overpowering to the point where one wants to pucker. All in all the only way to describe the flavor profile is Banana; it is one of the only fruit flavor hash rosins I have had the pleasure of trying that follows through with its name. By this I mean that I have tried many of rosins named after fruit flavors and I'm left thinking, "Thats it?”.  This wasn't the case with the Lonely Bones by Hotnheadyteddy collaboration.  This rosin left me yearning for more and my banger crying to go up a couple degrees. With something like this you start low in temperature so you can fully embrace the terpenes presented.  This strain naturally tests so high in terpenes so it is important to give at least one dab out of the gram the respect of a "low-temp" dab. The high is equally as satisfying as it is not as heavy of a high as say a GMO.  It hits hard enough to feel a euphoria over the body and produces an overwhelming feeling of relaxation.  The one thing missing from this hash is the deep cerebral high you get with many indica dominant strains.  With that being said it is a pleasant surprise for people looking for something more medicinally soothing rather than self-medicatingly sedating. I personally love this Banana Bread and will continue to dig into it until my jar goes dry!

- Owen

Maine Potcast Contributor

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