Bahama Mama Review

As summer kicks into full swing, I am reminded that nothing is more complimenting than fruity terps on blisteringly hot days. Pineapple, strawberry, coconut, kiwi and guava. These flavours go hand in hand with beach-bashes and good summer vibes. While most associations tend to go towards alcoholic beverages, as pina coladas and rum buckets sales spike in these cheerful months, the same experience can be had from smoking hash with similarly-uplifting terpene profiles. With clear weather and long days, the time for exploring new hash rosins could not be more perfect. With a summer-centric name like Bahama Mama, I simply couldn't pass up the chance to experience a fitting hash from North Fire.

Bahama Mama is a genetic combination of Tropicana Cookies and Black Banana, notarized by Solefire Gardens. According to Seedfinder, Bahama Mama is of “Cookie dominance with phenos ranging from citrus to sweet cookie.” The cookie's dominance can be traced from the presence of Banana Fire Cookies within the Black Banana strain, in addition to the Girl Scout Cookie lineage present in the ever-popular Tropicana Cookies cut. A plethora of citrus terpenes come courtesy via the palate of fruit strains embedded within Tropicana Cookies, such as Tangie and Cherry Pie. Some flavours could even be argued with accreditation from its landrace originator, that being Lemon Thai.

Upon first cracking the lid, without hesitation  “Caramel Apple Gelato” came to mind solely based upon the nose. This correlation can be made as the combination of apples and caramel share many similarities with sweet cookie dough and fruits. As the aroma filled the room, Bahama Mama terps started to become more distinct, leading me to think less of caramel apple gelato, fixating more on the notes of pungent tropical fruit present. Removing the lid, I was able to feast with my eyes first. The color is reminiscent of butterscotch, however, littered with small puddles of terps. Plunging a dabber into the jar, the consistency showed as wet sugar. Grabbing a dab is easy, an entirely good thing as one of my biggest pet-peeves is rosin that finds itself either with too hard of a consistency, resulting in product shattering everywhere, or conversely, very loose, resultantly impossible to grab with most dabbers.

On the inhale apples are one of the first flavors, soon joined by a taste of sweet dough ending the inhale and beginning the exhale. Without hesitation fruity flavors develop as the rosin stays exposed to heat; the second inhale becomes a tropical fruit explosion consisting of kiwi, guava and coconut. The exhale coats your mouth with a naturally sweet doughy flavor comparable to a strawberry scone. 

Bahama Mama is inherently a Sativa dominant strain. With that being said, the effects are however well balanced, providing a large amount of focus. While hitting heavy on top of the eyes, leading to an indica reminiscent heavy feeling, the majority of the effects were felt cerebrally while not giving any body shakes that are often felt with sativas. The melt was clean. Not as clear as say a 90-120u, however, it appeared on par with a majority of other full spectrum extracts. This rosin was a pleasant surprise. The blend of fruit and cookie dough terps, lent to a unique experience for a sativa-dominant strain. Overall I would give it a 8.5/10, a product I would definitely buy again. 


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